(TRIAL) Esna iLink for WebEx Internet Explorer Add-on

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    Integrate Cisco WebEx within Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and across your Browser

    Esna iLink for WebEx makes it easy to book WebEx meetings right from Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce. iLink for WebEx exists as a Chrome extension and Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to schedule WebEx meetings just like you'd schedule any other meeting in your Google, Outlook Web App or Salesforce Calendars.

    With Esna iLink for WebEx, you can:

    • Schedule and start WebEx meetings right from Google/Office 365 Calendar.

    • Start instant meetings across your Chrome or Internet Explorer browser.

    • Book an instant WebEx meeting from the Google People Widget, right from the Google Contact Card or Office 365 Hover Card.

    • Move from a Google Hangout to a WebEx with a single click.

    • Start an instant WebEx with Salesforce prospects or schedule one as a task for later from within the calendar.​

    Esna iLink for WebEx is a subscription-based service - Pricing is $4.99 USD per user, per year. If your organization is running Esna Cloudlink for Cisco version 3.0 or higher, the WebEx integration is already included in your service.

    For more information or to speak with a customer service representative, contact us:

    Customer Service or Sales Inquires: Please email us at customerservice@esna.com

    Technical Support Inquiries: Please email us at clwsupport@esna.com

    General Inquiries: Call us at 1 (800) 565-ESNA (Canada and US) or +1 (905) 707-9700 (International) and say 'Sales'